Core Plus

We have visited core exercises before.  However, I thought it was time to add an advanced core exercise that involves lower body, abdominal's and upper body muscles.  This is for the athlete who wants to take their Core training up an notch. Simply, take a normal Swissball /exercise ball and perform a walk out hold.  This engages both core and shoulder muscles.  Now, take this one step further and add something unstable like an Indo Board.  This exercise takes extreme focus and abdominal strength.  Try  balancing  for 1-2 minutes to start, slowly gaining time until you reach 5 min.  The farther one

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Men’s and Women’s shoe list

Hello again Training Tips fans!  Sorry for the long layoff but we are back!  This installment deals with proper footwear.  We have covered a lot of different injuries on this page, but never shoes.  Proper footwear serves as a solid foundation for any athlete, especially runners.  Think of shoes in the same vein as tires for your car.  You need the right size, shape, thickness, tread for your environment or your vehicle won’t drive as well as it could.  Shoes are the same thing for your feet.  Wearing the proper shoe for your body type and sport are essential for superior athletic

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