Knee Flexion Stretches +

This segment is for the patient who has gained a decent amount of flexion ROM but needs that last little bit for Full ROM.  The first picture demonstrates a simple knee overpressure flexion stretch.  Use either a stretch out strap or an old belt that you loop at one end.  Place the loop around your injured side foot and slowly pull back towards your body allowing your knee to bend.  Hold the stretch for 30 sec and do this 3-4 rounds.  I would also have my patients perform a prone quad stretch as well to enhance knee flexion and promote

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Stretch Out

I have demonstrated many exercises and stretches over the past few years, many of which call for a stretch strap.  I usually call for using an old belt that you can loop at the end, but if your looking for something better and rigid with multiple applications I suggest the Stretch Out Strap.  It's what we use here @ Team PT.  Great product and not very expensive.  Amazon has it for roughly $10.  We are not sponsored or endorsed by this company, this is just a reference for you all to use.  There are many straps out there.  We have found

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