Mobility tools

I have mentioned in past "trainers tips" different mobility training exercises/stretches, however, I failed to mention what to use specifically for those stretches.  We like to use the foam rollers made by Power Systems and Perform Better.  These are inexpensive and readily available in almost every sporting goods store or online.  If your an athlete or not these foam rollers are a must to work those knots out.  They can be easily cut down for easy travel as well. Currently these are on Amazon for $15-20. Happy mobility training!!

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Mobility tools #2

In addition to the foam roller previously discussed in the last Trainers Tips, I wanted to share another item we like to use here at Team is the Tiger Tail Massager.  This is a great hand held version of the larger foam roller. Great for working out sore calf muscles and IT bands.  Also, because it is so much smaller it can be transported anywhere easily.  Many of our professional athletes love this piece of equipment.This is on Amazon for $25-30. 

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CAF – Challenged Athletes Foundation

Next month, Oct. 19th a great Triathlon is taking place in San Diego and our very own Natalie Winblad DPT is leading a group of Team PT employee's present and past to compete in this great fundraiser for Challenged Athletes.  Natalie came to know the little man shown below "JJ" as she was going through graduate school and a lifelong bond was formed.  All proceeds from this event go to providing new and improved prosthetic s for these athletes who otherwise could not afford the new prosthetic limb which range from $10,000-40,000 each!  If you want to donate or register for

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