Compassion Physical Therapy

This month I wanted to focus on a cause rather than more exercises.  Compassion Physical Therapy is a local non-profit organization doing some great work through physical therapy in Africa.  Created by Natalie Forsberg DPT and others, this organization has a true heart for healing and restoration of people who otherwise would not receive any healthcare at all.

Mission statement

“It is the hope of Compassion PT to provide physical therapy services in impoverished areas to people who are underprivileged and underserved while sharing the love of Christ and living out the gospel made possible by the donations of others who believe we are called to “serve the least of these.”

Below is just a snapshot of pictures during the last trip they made to Africa to provide physical therapy to those in need and their business card.  There are various ways to get involved with this organization,  most notably through donations, as this is a non-profit that runs directly from donations from people like you.

We here at Team Physical Therapy take pride in giving the best healthcare possible to the patients in the Inland Empire and Compassion PT takes that same philosophy across the globe to underprivileged countries.  Please take a moment and check out for more details.