DIY Forearm exercise

In Conjunction with last months Trainer’s Tips, this month we give you an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) forearm exercise. This can be used for the weekend warrior rehabilitating “golfer’s elbow” or the high school baseball pitcher trying to strengthen his forearms.  Note, if you are rehabilitating an injury make sure this exercise does not increase your medial or lateral elbow pain.  If yes, then lighten the weight.

Simply use a dowel and attach a rope to the middle of the stick.  At the opposite end away from the stick configure a slip knot that will allow you to slide a small dumbbell into the knot.  Most beginners use 1-3 lbs., the more advanced athletes can use much heavier.  Once your knot is secure around the dumbbell simply twist your wrists back and forth wrapping the rope around the stick and thus raising the dumbbell.  Then slowly lower the dumbbell back down using the same wrist motion.  Perform this exercise with your arms fully extended for a more intense exercise.  I usually have my patients start with 2-3 sets of 5 up/down.