DIY Forearm exercises III

IMG_0053Hello all! This month we continue on our theme of DIY home exercises for the wrist and/or forearm.  As you can see from the picture this exercise utilizes 2 household products everyone has: rice & 5 gallon bucket.  Baseball players and boxers have been using this exercise for decades, so just in case you have not seen it we are now passing it along to you.

Simply take any 5 gallon bucket in your garage and fill it half way with a 25 lbs. bag of rice from the grocery store.  Set the bucket on a table and dig your hand into the rice.  First, grip the rice without stopping for 30 sec, then spread your fingers in the rice non-stop for 30 sec, finally twist your wrist back and forth non-stop for 30 sec then take a 30 sec break.  We usually have our patients perform this 3 rounds.

This exercise can be made harder by simply digging your hand farther into the rice or if it’s to difficult perform the exercises closer to the top of the rice where the resistance is less.  Either was you’ll get a great forearm exercise without using any dumbbells or expensive equipment. Have fun!