DIY Forearm Exercises IV

The following DIY Forearm exercise utilizes a simple, very common forearm exercise.  Pictured here we simply took a small dumbbell and/or weighted object you find at home and hang your wrist off the edge of a table.  First, with the palm down slowly lift the wrist up and down repetitively 10-12 reps – 4 sets.  Performing the exercise slowly is the key.  A 5 second delay lowering the weight is optimal.

In the second picture, just reverse the exercise to palm up.  Utilize the same parameters and instructions emphasizing slow and steady repetitions.  Perform this exercise 4 sets of 10-12.  Remember to use the 5 sec. delay and not rapid quick movements.  The effectiveness of the exercise gets lost if done too quickly.

Finally, stand the weighted object on end and hold the bottom portion.  Once again to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise use slow and steady 5 sec delay back and forth like your “knighting” someone.  This can be done 4 sets 10-12 reps each set.  The slow or eccentric part of the exercise is the most important for optimal muscle growth.  When performed quickly gravity actually helps out the person and thus becomes much easier.

One can use a simple dumbbell for this exercise or any home object that weighs roughly 5-15lbs.  I have had patients use large wrenches, steel rods, and other misc. tools that tend to weigh enough to get a good muscle burn.  Enjoy and be safe!