DIY Forearm Ex’s Part II

This week we expand on the “DIY” forearm exercises by adding another easy to do yet very effective exercise.  Simply use a heavy stick of some kind(pictured below is a 4 lbs. bar) to perform a slow a steady Pronation of the wrist (moving wrist to palm down) back and forth 10x.  This can be done in 3-4 sets. Next, pharmacy again with the arm extended(pictured below) perform a wrist Supination(moving wrist to palm up) back and forth 10x-3 or 4 sets. Finally, advice still in the same position slowly move the stick forward and backward like your “knighting” someone.  This can be done 10x each 4 sets.

When done slowly and with purpose this simple exercise can really create a great forearm burn for your wrist flexors, sales wrist extenders, pronators and supinators.   Moreover, you don’t need fancy equipment for this exercise.  I have had patients use wrenches, baseball bats, hammers, steel rods and so on.  Basically anything long and weighing 2-10 lbs. is sufficient.   One can make the exercise easy or harder depending on where you hold the stick, lower the hold tougher the lever arm and thus tougher the exercise.  Enjoy!