Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises I

Hello everyone and I pray you all had a great Christmas and New Years!  We are back here @ Trainers Tips for 2015.  Our first round of exercises for the year is centered around where we left off in 2014 on Shoulder Strengthening.  The following exercises use dumbbells, not rubber tubing like before, however that can be used to substitute weights.   These are what we call our D1 and D2 movement patterns.

The patient starts with a dumbbell next to his/her side.  Then proceeds to lift up and across his/her body as shown below.  Do this slowly and 4 sets 10 reps.

The next exercise has a starting position where you hold a dumbbell across your body next to your opposite hip.  Then proceed to lift the weight across your body and up as seen below.  This should be done slowly and with a lighter weight to begin with.  Your thumb should always be pointing up toward the sky with both exercises.  These exercises are great for any overhead athlete.  Enjoy!