Frozen Shoulder

Hello Team members!  Hope everyone is having a great summer.  This month we are focusing on stretching the Frozen Shoulder.  This ailment affects millions of Americans every year.  Below are 3 simple yet very effective stretches to increase shoulder mobility with both Passive Range of Motion(PROM) and Active Range of Motion(AROM).

The first exercise is called Wall Leans.  Simply use a kitchen towel and slide your arm up a wall until a good stretch is reached-hold that stretch for 20sec.  Repeat this atleast 5x.

The second stretch is called Table Leans.  Like the Wall Lean, use a kitchen towel and sit at your kitchen table.  Gently slide your arm forward along the table as your pushing the chair back a little to get the best possible shoulder stretch.  Hold this stretch for 20 sec each/ 10x total.

Third is the Stick ER stretch.  This can be used with a baseball bat, golf club, broomstick, PVC pipe and so on.  Pinch a towel under the frozen shoulders armpit and gently push the stick away from your body while keeping your elbow pinned at your side.  Try and keep the stick level with your chest and only push to a gentle stretch.  Do this 10 x 10sec hold.  All these stretches should be performed a couple times a day everyday until full ROM is achieved.