Golfer’s Elbow

Medial Epicondylitis is commonly known as ” Golfer’s Elbow.”  This condition is caused by repeated wrist flexion against resistance much like that of a golfer taking repeated swings with the golf club.  Pain is present at the medial epicondyle or the bump on the inside of your elbow.  This is due to the repeated stress on the attachment site for the wrist flexor’s of the forearm and where they attach to the elbow.  This condition is not exclusively just for golfer’s but any athlete who does this repeated action.  Many throwers and construction workers also complain of this ailment.  However, don’t fear we here at Team PT have some quick and easy stretches to help prevent this from ever occurring or if it has already started to bother you these will help decrease your pain.

The following 3 stretches are very easy and can be performed anywhere.  First, with the arm outstretched and the palm up pull your hand back towards your body until you feel the stretch along the forearm.  Perform this stretch 3 rounds for 30 seconds each.  Second, find a table and placing your palm down lean back until you feel a stretch along the wrist flexor’s. Perform this 3 rounds 30 seconds each.  And finally, feel the bump on the inside of your elbow. About an inch above that using your opposite hand perform a light grind along the tendons of the wrist flexor’s for approx. 30 seconds 3 rounds.  This loosens the tissue as well as breaks up any scar tissue that might have formed during the irritation of the flexor mass.

These stretches should be done prior to any light strengthening exercises. Regaining pain free ROM is paramount before starting the strength part of your rehab.  Many times these can be done in conjunction with one another if the pain has not reached a high level already.  If the pain is too high to perform regular daily tasks a strap or band can be placed around the tendons to take the pressure off the tendon.  Here at Team PT we like to use a strap called the “Band-it” forearm strap.  This can be a useful tool in providing relief for very irritated medial epi’s.IMG_0090IMG_0091IMG_0089