“J” stretch

Hello Team family!  Praying you had a great Spring and Summer.  I apologize for the hiatus but we are back here @ Training Tips!  The following stretches are for everyone with lower body tightness / lumbar tightness.  We especially have our athletes perform these stretches Pre and Post workouts to ensure proper mobility for optimal training/injury prevention.

The first stretch pictured below is the  J-1, also known as a double leg pull back.  This is great for hip flexor/quad tightness.  J-2 is a combination stretch of “pull backs” 10x with a static hamstring hold for 30 sec.  Perform this stretch bilaterally.  J-3 is what we also call the “foot push” stretch.  Fully extend one leg, place the opposite leg behind it and push it as far as possible for a hamstring stretch.  The top leg should be relaxed in order to maximize the stretch.   Again, perform this bilaterally.  Finally, the J-4 is a double leg pull over stretch.  Grab both your legs and pull them as far over your head as possible.  All the above stretches should be performed 3-4x with a 30 sec hold on each bilaterally.  IMG_0090