Knee Flexion Stretches

I have had a lot of friends, family and patients recently ask me easy ways to help their very tight knees bend at home.  The following ROM exercises are easy to do and very successful in assisting knee flexion.  The first picture illustrates what we call “Heel Slides”.  This can be done with a stretch strap or old belt.  Simply place the looped end around your foot as you long sit on the floor or bed and gently slide your foot back towards to making your knee bend.  Once at a maxium flexion stretch, hold that for 5-7sec, then release and repeat for approx. 5-7 minutes.  “Wall Slides” is the next picture.  This one allows gravity to assist in the flexion process.  Lay down on your back against your head board or bedroom door.  Rest your leg/foot up on the wall and gently let the leg slide down the wall giving you a great flexion stretch of the knee.  Again, hold the stretch for 5-7 sec and repeat for 5-7 minutes.  The third picture illustrates what we call “chair slides”.  This can be done in the kitchen or anywhere on a hard floor surface so the foot slides easier.  Simply place the strap or belt loop around your foot and while sitting off the edge of the chair gently pull the foot towards your body sliding the foot along the ground.  Once again, hold the stretch for 5-7 sec and repeat this for 5-7min.  Finally, the last picture shows a “standing knee flexion” stretch.  This can be done using a kitchen or dining room chair.  While placing the injured leg up on the chair lean forward until a good flexion stretch is felt.  Hold this stretch for 30sec and repeat 3-4x.  Many of my patients perform this next to a countertop so they can hold on as they lean forward.  Makes the stretch more stable for you.  Point to remember: the majority of your rehab is done at home not in the clinic you attend.  So make sure you are diligent in following your Physical Therapists instructions everyday and I’m sure a successful outcome is in your future!IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0003IMG_0004