Low Back Pain?

Happy Fall 2016 everyone. It seems at one point or another we have all complained about some level of low back pain, especially at the end of the day. In this session of Trainers Tips we want to show you a very simple, yet effective back stretch to relieve that “achy” back. The below stretch is what we like to call “Squat Extensions”.

The only piece of equipment needed is an exercise ball, approx. 65 cm size ball. The starting position for this is stretch is demonstrated below with the patient in the deep squat position leaning back against the ball with one or both hands behind your head to support the neck. Second, the patient then slowly extends the legs, rolling back onto the ball. It is important to keep a wide base with your feet to control your balance. Roll back onto the ball as far as you can without losing your balance and/or pain allows. Hold the stretch for just 2-5 seconds and repeat 10 times. 3 sets is standard for this stretch, but obviously depending on your pain level that can be raised or lowered as need be.

After a long day at the office, standing all day, or a hard day doing yard work this stretch is a great way to relieve the pressure that tends to build up in our low back area. Happy stretching !