Overhead Throwing Shoulder Part II

A few years ago we posted a simple exercise plan for the Overhead Throwing Athlete.  I wanted to revisit that exercise plan and revise it for you.  The following 7 exercises are a great combination of Rotator cuff/Lats and Deltoid muscle groups hit. All of which are essential for superior strength and stability for the Overhead Throwing Athlete.  This can be done with some heavy Theraband or Double Cords by Power Systems.  Like before we love the Isometric holds on ER and IR of the shoulder.  5 rounds of 20 sec each are great.  We have now also added bilateral pull-downs/rows with scap pinch/horizontal rows/forward raises and lateral raises to the mix.  All of these exercises can be done 4 sets of 20 each. IMG_0103IMG_0102IMG_0101IMG_0100IMG_0099IMG_0098