Postural Control Exercises

This month we continue looking at the shoulder complex, sildenafil most importantly the Scapula and it’s relationship to proper shoulder ROM. The last few sessions on Trainers’ Tips have focused on moving a Frozen shoulder using easy at-home exercises.  Now we focus on proper posture using a couple easy Scap Pinch exercises.  Proper placement of the scapula is imperative for ideal shoulder ROM.  The ability to effectively retrac the shoulder blades allows the head of the humerus to depress with shoulder flexion allowing for full ROM without pinching any muscles or tendons in the joint.  The following 2 exercises utilize rubber tubing to achieve harder Isometrics.

The first exercise the patient will grab and pull the t-band bringing the elbows straight back pinching the shoulder blades for 20 seconds –repeat this process 5x.  A great verbal cue is to try and tuck your elbows into your back pockets.  The second exercise the patient pulls the t-band down using straight arms down to the patients side pinching the shoulder blades holding for 20 seconds.  Repeat this 5 x as well.  Make sure to always pinch the shoulder blades WITHOUT pinching your upper trap muscles.  You do not want to shrug your shoulders during either these isometrics.  GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERA