When Can I Come In To Therapy?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 6:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Appointments are made in advance. However, we reserve time each day for new patient referrals as physicians request and for our sports injury screenings. Please provide 24 hour notice if you need to cancel and reschedule.


How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Call our office at (909)948-1124. Please have available your doctor’s referral and your insurance information. We offer evaluation and treatment within 24 hours of your call. Same day evaluation and treatment may often be available.


Do I Need A Doctor’s Referral?

The state of California allows direct access for patients to receive a Physical Therapy evaluation without a physician referral. However, treatment by a physical therapist requires a diagnosis by a physician. This can be verbal from your physician, faxed, or hand carried by you. We can refer you to a physician if necessary through our Physician Referral Network.

The Physician Referral Network is a unique program that provides referrals to physicians of all specialties when medical necessity is determined in our sports screenings or evaluations. These participating physicians and surgeons have made appointments available for immediate access on a same day or next day basis. We can provide any inquiring patient with recommendations to leading physicians who are experts in their specialties for initial visits or second opinions.

How Do I Pay For My Physical Therapy?

TEAM accepts most private PPO insurance plan through the Physical Therapy Provider Network. We are contracted with approximately 100 different insurers. For a comprehensive list of insurances accepted, please see Insurance Options under Your First Visit.

Our fees are established by two factors, predetermined reimbursement amounts by insurance carriers and competitive cost comparisons. Should financial difficulties prevent you from seeking complete care, please let us know, we may be able to assist you. For accounts that are 30 days past due, a 1.5% interest rate will be added to your outstanding balance (18% annual).

All major medical and/or surgical benefits to which you are entitled, including Medicare and other government sponsored programs, private insurance, and any other health plans, will be assigned to us for the sole purpose of covering services rendered by TEAM PT.


What Do I need to Bring on My First Visit?

Doctor’s referral or prescription
Any x-rays, MRI or operative reports you have related to your injury
Insurance card and any claim forms, if required
Comfortable clothes and tennis shoes


May I Complete My paperwork in advance?

Sure, just visit our forms page and click on the links to print out the forms. Complete them and bring them to your appointment.


What Can I Expect on my first visit?

Please visit our First Visit  page for more info.


How Often will I need to attend Physical Therapy?

Most patients come to physical therapy two or three times a week. Your schedule will be dictated by your treatment goals and determined by your physical therapist based on the nature of your injury. The more committed you are to coming to therapy and to your home exercise program, the more satisfied you will be with your progress.


How Long will each appointment take?

Plan to spend up to two hours in physical therapy. Our comprehensive programs take time to complete. You will not sit idle!