Shoulder Mobility Part II

PCx4 – Supine Grab and Lean Stretch


The second stretch is a “Supine grab and lean stretch” on a table. While lying on your back, reach across your body and grab the underside of the table. Gently lean to the opposite side of the table while sliding underneath your arm that is holding the edge of the table. You should feel a gentle stretch of the entire posterior aspect of your shoulder including the deltoid muscle. Hold this stretch 30-45 sec.

PCx4 – Sleeper Stretch


The third stretch is a “Sleeper Stretch.” This is performed lying on ones side. Abduct the arm your lying on so your elbow is pointing away from you. A small roll, towel or foam roll should be placed under the arm for a greater stretch. Now, with your forearm/wrist pointing directly to the sky, gently push your hand down towards the table in line with your body. This should give you a stretch from the back of the shoulder wrapping around to the front the of the shoulder complex. Hold this stretch 30-45 sec.

PCx4 – Table Roll Stretch


The fourth stretch is a “Table Roll stretch.” Simply use a foam roll or towel roll for this stretch. Standing next to the tables edge, bend over at your waist and place the backside of your hand/forearm on the roll. Gently slide your arm across your body as you push your shoulder down towards the ground. While pushing your should down it is important to keep your shoulders parallel to the floor. Hold this stretch 30-45 sec.

PCx4 – Grab and Lean Stretch


The first stretch is a simple “Grab and Lean stretch.” This can be performed on any workout bench, table or even chair. Grab the underside of the table with one arm and lean to the opposite side gently stretching the upper trapezius muscle. Hold this stretch for 30-45 sec.