Steve Bjelland

On March 8, 2017 a driver merged into my lane on the I-10 freeway, knocking me off my motorcycle and breaking my lower right leg.  On my way to the hospital for surgery I was at the lowest point in my life.  Three weeks later my wife wheeled me into TEAM Physical Therapy to begin my recovery.  That was the second worst day of my life.

I was greeted by a friendly staff and was introduced to Justin Jetté, who was to be my physical therapist.  He listened to my problems, looked at my injuries and outlined a beginning program for me.

Over the past seven months Justin and his team have continued to revise and update my routines as they challenged me to regain full movement in my ankle.  They stayed in touch with both my doctors regarding my progress and physical healing.  I was always greeted with a smile, with encouragement to continue to work hard, and new and more challenging exercises.  I always left feeling better than I had the week before.

Now I am back to my full gym workout, riding 25 miles on my road bicycle and running full speed wind sprints.  I have regained about ninety percent use of my injured leg – far better than my doctors expected.

As I walk out the door of TEAM I feel so grateful to Justin, the professionals who work with him and the friendly staff that greet me by name for making my accident and injury a bad memory, with my leg now fully recovered.

-Steve Bjelland October 2017 Team Physical Therapy