Super 8 – HEP for ACL patients

This month we wanted to give our leg patients/ACL patients at home a great HEP (Home Exercise Plan) to supplement what they might already be doing. We call these 8 exercises our “Super 8”. Today we will focus on the first 2 exercises of this series. The first exercise is called Fire Hydrant w/kicks. The patient is to get into their hands and knees position on a mat/floor. Then proceed to lift the injured limb/hip laterally in the air (Hip Abduction). Once the limb is fully in the air the patient is to slowly extend the leg slowly as to mimic a slow motion side-kick. Slowly return the leg back to it’s starting position. This is to be repeated 15x.

The second exercise is called a SL Bridge. Simply have the patient supine on the floor. Bend the injured leg with the foot flat on the ground, opposite leg is fully extended. Slowly pushing through the heel the of the injured leg lift your hips and the opposite leg into the air and slowly lower back to the ground. This should be repeated 15x as well. We have our patients perform these 2 exercises 3 rounds without taking a break or pause between exercises or sets. This is meant to be non stop without breaks. Next month we will show you the next 2 exercises in this series! Happy rehab everyone!!