Super 8 – Part II

Happy 2017 everyone!  We are going to continue our series on ACL Home exercises…..specifically “The Super 8” program we have here at Team PT.  The following are the next series of exercises in this “Super 8” plan.  Thus, these should be added to the previous pictures illustrated in the last Trainers Tips.

The first exercise is a Side-Lying Toe -Up SLR.  This should be done 15 x. Slow on the way down controlling the deceleration. Immediately upon completion move on to the the following 4 Core exercises illustrated below.  Right Side-Plank 15 sec, Plank 15 sec, Left Side Plank 15 sec, Supine Plank 15 sec.  This combination on a Side-Lying Toe Up SLR and Core exercises should be performed one after the other – 3 rounds without stopping in between.  No breaks, trying to keep your heart rate up and maximizing fatigue in the muscles.  Enjoy!!