Throwing Elbow Pain?

If you are an overhead athlete of any kind I’m sure you have experienced some elbow discomfort during your athletic career. Many times the joint is tight due to repeated movements without proper stretching. The following stretches are commonly used with our pitchers that complain of Flexor mass or distal triceps discomfort post throwing. However, any athlete that feels tightness at the medial elbow or back of the arm should do these stretches. The first stretch is a simple triceps pull down stretch against the wall holding for 30 sec each 3 rounds. The second stretch is what we call a Median nerve stretch. Simply place the palm of your hand against the wall with your fingers pointed back. The elbow should be locked in extension and slowly turn away from the arm on the wall. The stretch should be felt all down the arm. One should perform this stretch 3×30 sec each.