Strength and Rehab

Team Physical DSC_5413Therapy is dedicated to providing excellence in outpatient rehabilitation in a caring, fun and open environment. We are physical therapist-owned and operated since our founding in 2001. Our diverse and experienced staff is committed to providing courteous, excellent care to all patients. Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility features private evaluation rooms, plyometric rebounders, hydrotherapy, isokinetic strength computer testing and much, much more.

So why choose Team Physical Therapy? The writing is on the wall . . . literally. The walls of Team Physical Therapy are covered with testimonials from a number of patients,  including MLB pitchers, NFL cornerbacks, Olympic softball and track athletes, Pro Motocross racers, fishermen, firefighters, police officers, WWE wrestlers, various High school teams, Club soccer and volleyball teams.

All of these patients recovered from their injuries and gained future preventive carDSC_5386e knowledge in the process. Patients leave TEAM not only with a thorough understanding of their injury but with personal home exercise program complete with digital pictures.

Athletes can expect a total body approach to their rehabilitation. We focus on Core conditioning, balance and plyometric training in addition to treating the injury that brings them to Team PT. We push our athletes hard, but we have fun doing it! Patients go back to their lives better pepared for whatever field of play they call home.

Team Physical Therapy is set apart from all the rest because we set you, the patient, apart from DSC_5279the “average patient”. Every patient who walks through our doors is treated like the MLB pitcher getting back before spring training starts. Every patient deserves the same focus and determination, whether you’re a plice officer trying to get back on the job or a NFL linebacker returning to play as a starter. Whatever “field” you need to get back to, we’ll get you there!