Sports Injury Screening

Our Sports Injury Screening will provide a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation and biomechanical assessment of sport injuries for local club, high school and collegiate athletes. This is a free service for our local athletes but requires a written referral from the head coach or your physician. You must call for an appointment (usually same day) and a parent must accompany any athlete under 18 years of age.


Step 1: Athlete sustains an injury that requires an evaluation by a medical professional. Coach signs the Team PT Referral Slip. Same or next day appointment is made at Team PT.
Step 2: Athlete receives a Physical Therapy Evaluation and Assessment. First-Aid is administered which may include whirlpool, ice/heat, muscle stimulation, bracing, compression taping and stretching. Two first-aid sessions on back-to-back days are provided at no charge.
Step 3: The medical necessity for a physical exam is determined and if required, you may be referred to an orthopedic physician for a same day appointment through our Physician Referral Network, or utilize your current physician.
Step 4: If additional physical therapy treatment is necessary to assist in a rapid return to play, we require a prescription with a diagnosis from a physician – your pediatrician, family or orthopedic doctor.
Step 5: If prescribed, aggressive physical therapy is provided to promote healing, restore function and allow a rapid return to play.


1. Cost?
The Sports Injury Screening is free. Up to one additional first-aid treatment is free.

2. Do I need an appointment?
Yes, which is usually a same day appointment. This helps to avoid athletes coming in all at the same time.

3. Do I need to see a doctor first?
No. Physical Therapists are licensed to provide a physical therapy evaluation and assessment without a physician referral.

4. Do I need to see a doctor for continued treatment?
Yes. Physical therapy treatment requires a diagnosis and prescription. We can provide you with a prescription with the recommended treatment listed on it for your doctor to sign.

5. Will my insurance pay for physical therapy?
In most cases, yes. We will call your insurance company and verify benefits for you. Please have your athlete bring his/her insurance card to their first visit.

6. Can I pay cash?
Yes. Athletes with HMO or non-covered insurance can choose discounted cash programs.

7. Is a parent required to attend the Sports Injury Screen?
Yes. If you are unable to attend due to work schedules, we can provide your athlete with the Sports Injury Screening packet for you to complete and sign. Once completed, he/she may call to schedule an appointment.